Fence Intrusion Detection SystemThe Fence Intrusion Detection System (F.I.D.S.) from Terminus (formerly known as Litton) uses shock sensors to detect the vibrations or shock waves caused by intrusion attempts. These can include someone cutting the fabric, climbing the fence and/or lifting the fence material. These shock waves send a signal to a Terminus electronic processor to analyze and report its status to the main alarm control panel. The perimeter protection system is UL-listed and protected by a 10-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The Terminus Pass-Thru Fence Kit integrates into any perimeter fence. It includes a shock sensor with dual, gold-plated contacts hermetically sealed to ASTM standards in a Pass-Thru condulet housing, which allows conduit to be mounted to the fence with minimal bending and few connectors. Dual contacts mean fewer false alarms because both contacts must be activated simultaneously to cause an alarm. The weather-resistant housing helps eliminate moisture and airborne contaminants that can cause open or short conditions in other shock sensors.

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