Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software (VMS) toolsAvigilon released the fifth version of its Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software (VMS) tools. The ACC 5.0 software with high-definition stream management (HDSM) technology allows security professionals to manage video footage from unlimited analog and megapixel cameras. Organizations can keep their mission-critical surveillance systems operational 24/7 with the crash-proof enterprise server management feature. With this feature, up to 100 servers can be synchronized as a single cluster with no dedicated management server. If one server fails, the others have the user settings, events, alarms and other important information needed to continue working. This feature also makes adding and maintaining servers as easy as plugging them in. Newly added servers will automatically acquire the user’s information and settings with no setup required. Security professionals with video walls can transform static video walls into intelligent video walls with ACC 5.0’s virtual matrix. Users can change layouts, manipulate video, zoom, rewind, and isolate footage as well as display content such as maps, Web pages and point-of-sale transactions on video walls and remote monitors.

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