Hi-Fi 2 Four Zone, Four Source (4x4) distributed audio systemHAI by Leviton introduced the Hi-Fi 2 Four Zone, Four Source (4x4) distributed audio system. The new version is a more compact and inexpensive extension of the company’s Hi-Fi 2 system, ideal for controlling, sharing and listening to audio systems in buildings with multiple units, such as townhomes, luxury hotel suites, condominiums and small office buildings. The system can be controlled via the included remote control or directly by the free Android or iPhone application. The Hi-Fi 2 4x4 provides distributed audio with 20 W per channel that fits directly into a Leviton Structured Media Center wiring enclosure at half-width. As with the entire Hi-Fi 2 line, the 4x4 model allows users to listen to and share music sources with any room that has speakers connected to the device. Both local and remote source inputs are standard features, with optional wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The Remote Input Module (RIM) features a routed IR emitter jack for remotely controlling existing source equipment from any room that has a volume source control.

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