With its acquisition of Systems Integration Corp. (SIC), VTI Security integrators has become the largest privately held systems integration company in the Rocky Mountain region, according to Thomas Asp, VTI’s president and CEO.

The acquisition is part of Security-Net member company VTI’s strategic and balanced growth plan, and SIC’s merger into VTI’s Golden, Colo., office represents a significant expansion in the region.

SIC’s owner, Rob Howard, said the deal was a good one for SIC and its customers, and was based mainly on the two companies’ similarities, as well as trust.

“VTI is a company that has a similar customer service culture to SIC and one which I entrust to deliver the same level of service formerly provided by SIC,” he said.

Building trust is a major part of VTI’s business model, says John Nowak, vice president and general manager of VTI’s Colorado operations. “We are all about earning and maintaining a ‘trusted business partner’ relationship with our customers,” he said. “We welcome our newest colleagues and believe the additional experience and leadership will blend smoothly into our ‘One VTI’ initiative to provide the industry’s most technically trained and educated workforce.”

Beyond expanding its presence in the Rocky Mountain region, Asp says VTI expects the acquisition to pay off in terms of growth and future expansion.

“By merging our similar product lines, manufacturer certified employees and the customer base into an existing operation; we expect to see a strong financial growth from this operation in 2013. In addition, we will continue to explore our strategic growth plans through organic opportunities as well as additional acquisitions in existing or new markets,” he said.