specopowerSpeco Technologies, Amytiville, N.Y., announced immediate availability its new UL listed 12VDC power supply products.  The P4W5DUL and P9W10DUL are the latest additions to the Speco CCTV product line.   

The P4W5DUL and P9W10DUL offer 12 VDC fused outputs for 4 or 9 cameras and are matched perfectly to the Speco camera line. With more than 1A per channel output, these power supply units offer flexibility and more power for today's security demands such as IR cameras, at an affordable price point.  

The P4W5DUL and P9W10DUL both offer Auto Resetting PTC for each output so that each channel is protected and resets once the fault is cleared.  These power supply units also have a Central Switch for surge protection, and a 5 year warranty.       
The wall mountable box provides a simple installation by the technician while maintaining a covert wall mount design. Non-UL models, P4W5D and P9W10D, are also available.  

For information, visit www.specotech.com