Morgan Hertel, vice president of operations of Rapid Response Monitoring Services, was named chair of the new CSAA Video Committee.

The standing Video Committee will provide oversight to two newly formed subcommittees —the Managed Services Subcommittee and the Enhanced Video Verification Subcommittee. It also will provide direction and coordination between the Electronic Security Association, the Security Industry Association, the Security Industry Alarm Coalition and CSAA’s Standards and PSLC committees.

The Enhanced Video Verification Subcommittee will be co-chaired by Don Young, with Protection 1, and Jim Mooney, with Tyco Integrated Security. The goal of this subcommittee is to coordinate efforts to reach out to the law enforcement community with regard to promoting enhanced video verification as a new technology that can provide enhanced information to AHJs with regard to burglaries and intrusions and help to reduce false dispatches.

The Video Managed Services Subcommittee, which will make recommendations about the use of new video technologies in the alarm industry, is co-chaired by Steve Surfaro, with AXIS Communications, and Rob Baxter, with Vancouver Fire. This subcommittee will provide a comprehensive “mapping” of available products and services that touch or use video content, including who delivers, consumes or regulates the video service, the parameters of the actual service, and how it is delivered.

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