System Sensor, St. Charles, Ill., launched a new online form that enables customers to request that System Sensor design their FAAST (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology®) projects. Customers simply fill out and submit the questionnaire located at to provide FAAST design engineers with necessary project data, including detection type (very early warning, early warning, standard), room dimensions and usage, device location, and facilities drawings. Once System Sensor verifies that all of the necessary information has been included, its expert team will design the system and deliver the system layout and bill of materials for the project.

“This online form gives our customers a quick and easy option to develop a FAAST system design and bill of materials,” said Christa Poss, System Sensor marketing manager for the FAAST business unit. “But customers who prefer to design their own systems can continue to do so using PipeIQ®, the same free tool used by our design team.”

To download the FAAST all-in-one design, configuration and monitoring software, PipeIQ, visit