With the launch of its HID Trusted Tag Services Software Developer Kit (SDK), HID Global is driving an initiative for its partners to develop NFC Trusted Tag applications. The latest of the company’s NFC innovations, HID Trusted Tag Services offer cloud-based service to confer trust and provide security to readily available NFC tags. In addition to the new SDK, HID is seeking to extend technology licenses to qualified partners to enable third-party development of NFC applications using its Trusted Tag Service.

HID’s focus areas of use for the new applications include:

  • Authentication of items such as birth certificates, college diplomas, deeds of trust, and certificates of authenticity for luxury or unique items, as well as high-value works of art and other documents.
  • Secure data management for trusted chain of custody, asset service history, warranty records, secure logging and other secure transactions.
  • Trusted authorizations, including a wide range of user scenarios, such as access to URLs and innovative smartphone applications such as a virtual intercom and others.

“Since introducing HID Trusted Tag Services last November, HID Global has created a comprehensive developer program for partners to accelerate time to market and cultivate a broad ecosystem of NFC Trusted Tag solutions,” said Mark Robinton, manager, Technology Innovation, HID Global. “We invite partners to join HID Global in developing new and exciting NFC applications that offer convenient solutions for brand protection and document validation, secure data logging and enabling trusted actions, while providing a platform for managing the future internet of things.”

The HID Trusted Tag Services SDK is available now. For information, contact HID Global at trustedtagservices@hidglobal.com.