The times, they are a changing. Gone are the days of simple security when sounding a horn warned people inside of possible intrusion by unwanted burglars, or unsafe environmental conditions and notification went out to a central station. This has been upgraded with advanced technology, integration and mobile apps.

Security systems now deliver so much more than just protection and notification. Systems today are “smart” and can manage the heating/cooling and the lights to give the house a lived-in look and save energy. The system can provide surveillance, and with integration to security system detectors, recording of events can be triggered. With the “Internet of Things” and persistent access to up-to-date information, the security system can monitor and provide alerts for many different things — flood warning, latchkey child home from school, news events and more. Combine all of these features with the ability for remote access, and the possibilities are endless.

The mantra of today’s security is, “Be safe, know what’s happening and be in control.” Expansion and personalization of the security system can meet the needs and desires of almost any homeowner. With thoughtful installation and setup, along with integration of apps on their mobile devices, users have peace of mind and easy control of their security system, both local and remote.

The upside for security dealers is huge. It’s easy to go to existing customers and upgrade their security system, add devices and control of them, a revenue maker, and then offer remote access/control of these devices, another revenue maker with recurring monthly revenue (RMR). Although only $4 to $8 a month for monitoring of each add-on, the devices needed are sold at a healthy profit and the RMR from these devices adds up as clients come on board.

Even if a dealer doesn’t currently offer security, they can get involved and offer remote access and control of lights and heating/cooling, along with access to surveillance cameras. Dealers can give customers what they want on their mobile devices — knowledge their son arrived home from school safely and locked the back door behind him, temperature in the remote cabin is above freezing, notification an elderly parent took their medications as scheduled, or an alert to seek shelter, a tornado is close by.

Per the Electronic Security Association (ESA), monitored accounts in the security market are expected to double, from 20 percent to 40 percent, over the next five years. Check out services like and This gets the dealer more RMR, or new dealers with RMR, and that’s where the future of business lies.

One automation area to start with can be lighting. Would you like to get organized to offer lighting control with the right tools? Just drop an email with your contact information and  Lighting Control Worksheets will be emailed your way to help equip your sales and installation teams.