Ecokit_webMoog Inc. recently released its latest green-energy generator for powering surveillance cameras in remote locations. Using a compact wind panel, solar panels and a battery box, the new EcoKit can store and deliver 20W of uninterrupted power for five days. Offering a 25 percent increase in reserve power, the new EcoKit also features a rugged body to withstand harsh weather conditions, corrosion-resistant hardware, a system controller and voltage stabilizer housed in the battery enclosure for easy access, and a battery enclosure designed for installation on poles or walls with minimal torque on pole footings.

Moog installed and tested the new EcoKit during Superstorm Sandy last October. The EcoKit withstood Sandy’s hurricane-force winds and remained fully operational. The EcoKit is compatible with Moog poles, camera enclosures and wireless systems and provides a stand-alone solution for most surveillance applications.

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