After 15 plus years at Devcon Security Services, Hollywood, Calif., Roy Pollack decided to move on to a new opportunity with Comcast/Xfinity Home, Philadelphia. Below is an excerpt of Pollack’s departure note:

“As I sit here now in my office cleaning out the accumulation of materials from those years, it strikes me how much has changed in that time…From tape dialers, to digital dialers, to internet protocols and radio transmissions, it’s simply amazing how far we’ve come but also how far we still have to go.

“Despite all the new technology, products, and ‘clouds’ we’re in, our profession comes back to people…No man is an island, and no one can exceed on their own. 

“As a closing note, I do want to single out one person to thank.  That’s my boss for the past six years, Ann MacDonald. It’s not often that you find someone to whom you can connect with and have a relationship that exceeds boss/subordinate. I have always respected and admired her for allowing me the opportunity to disagree, discuss, and passionately argue various points, and for being able to walk out of the meeting where we both could laugh and smile and continue our daily duties, never afraid that I spoke out of place or with any degree of disrespect.

“I look forward to serving Comcast in my new role as one of their directors of training and compliance, and continuing to support the industry through both state and national associations.”