Shown: IAV’s Outdoor Wireless Rock Speaker and Simple Control, plus Recessed Light and Speaker and Simple Control.

You’ve already installed numerous electronic systems for your customers, why not leverage those audio/visual (A/V), security and control networks? Here are some suggestions, in no particular order, that might ‘tickle your fancy,’ delight your customers and make you more money.


Outdoor path and accent lighting are everywhere. Take control of it with an automation system that’s smart and knows when sunset and sunrise are no matter where in the country you are. The homeowner will never have to set the timer again, and who hasn’t lost those little plastic pieces that mark the time to turn on or off?



No one likes to trudge outside in the snow or cold to plug or un-plug the outside holiday lights. Adding timers to each string of lights can get cumbersome and expensive. Just use plug-in modules paired with the automation system and voila, the reindeer and Santa come on at dusk, off late evening, and then “visit” for an hour or so in the early morning before dawn. Make your clients the envy of the neighborhood and get leads!



You installed their home theater system with lighting control. Why not replace their “dumb” security panel with a “smart” one and add lighting control of outside lights and key areas in the house for safety and convenience.



Since you installed a home control system or upgraded to a “smart” security panel, now add a “smart” thermostat for HVAC control. Manage the temperature based on occupancy and help your customers save energy and money.



Who doesn’t have a massive collection of digital content that isn’t organized? Your customers live busy lives and are likely candidates to snap at the opportunity to have someone organize their digital content. Help them store and experience their personal photos, movies and music on the new displays you just sold them — or will sell them! Consider offering a monthly service around digital content and grow your recurring monthly revenue (RMR).



Help your clients get media streaming into their homes and be their resource/service for when it goes astray. Again, time is valuable and people will pay for the things they don’t know, don’t have time for, or don’t want to do. Get it happening, be the hero and your customers will spread the word.



Everyone loves to be outside and enjoy the nice weather. A little bit of music goes a long way when relaxing and spending time with family and friends. It’s easy and quick to add outdoor wireless speakers and simple control.



Retrofitting audio can be a challenge. Have you seen the light speakers that install and look like recessed lighting but deliver sound with clarity and range? This is a simple install that delivers enjoyment to your customers and puts money in your pocket.



Almost every system you ever installed could probably use a cleaning, some adjustment or perhaps an update. When times are slow for installation work, offer one-time cleaning/inspection/tune ups of audio, video, security and camera systems. Think of it like having your teeth cleaned — taking care of them makes them last longer and perform better!


Let me know how you do with any of these tips. Drop me an email at, I want to hear about the smiles on your customers’ faces and money in your bank account, sharing is optional, but welcome!




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