AlarmSoft, Virginia Beach, Va., has launched its Central Works PRO. With the Central Works PRO, users can run a completely automated monitoring service requiring no 24-hour personnel, a fully manned central station using multiple PCs and operators, or anywhere in between. Systems are modular and easy to use, and software system designs will fit nearly any budget, the company described.

“Our newest software platform integrates the features and functionality of our popular Central Works 2000 software platform into a new GUI interface. The Central Works PRO offers the ingenuity and flexibility expected from a top-notch software provider. Easy-to-use drop-down boxes, scroll bars and menus make managing your account information a breeze,” stated AlarmSoft.

An easy point-and-click process has been developed to help operators process alarm signals and information faster than ever before. Simple, yet elegant presentation of data relevant to the current alarm condition is readily displayed so that a simple glance at the screen gives an operator all necessary information to make a dispatching decision, AlarmSoft described.

Many systems do not track how many or how often a particular alarm condition occurs. With the Central Works PRO, users can be assured that multiple dispatches to the same location, or for the same event, are brought to the operator’s attention before a false dispatch is made. Following this same line of logic led to the development of the software’s “cross-zoning” feature, which is becoming popular and instrumental to those dealers monitoring outdoor security, the company said. This new feature allows a predetermined number of alarms to be received within a specific time frame before bringing the signal to the screen for operator action. This is especially useful for applications such as fence alarms, which can create false signals during stormy conditions. Using this technology will help reduce, or even eliminate, false dispatches to outdoor locations, according to AlarmSoft.

“During our development phase, we quickly learned that time-consuming data entry, re-entry or cumbersome data conversion routines were not desired. In order to make a seamless and smooth transition for our existing Central Works 2000 users, the program has been specifically designed and developed to use the same file-handling and data structure routines that our popular DOS product has used for the last 35 years,” said an AlarmSoft representative.

“At AlarmSoft, we know what it takes to run a successful security company. Many of the unique features and options found in our software do not exist on other platforms simply because those companies are not in the security business. At AlarmSoft, we not only listen to you, the central station owner, but also to our own employees and colleagues in the industry. Only by taking this unique approach to software design and development have we been able to enjoy the status of being mavericks in alarm software development,” the company described.

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Micro Key Solutions Introduces New Software Version With New Branding

Micro Key Solutions, Kissimmee, Fla., a provider of accounting, service and central station automation software, released the latest version of its Millennium Series Software at ESX 2013 in June. The company releases one to two major versions each year, along with numerous updates throughout the year.

This year, Micro Key Solutions also released the new version with some unique branding. This release will be known as Millennium Series Software Version 34: Neo.

The branding theme is based on very strong, reliable, and commanding movie hero characters. Each version of the Millennium Series Software evolves in a profound way, which is why the branding of the versions made sense, Micro Key Solutions described.

Version 34: Neo contains more than 400 new updates and enhancements for the company’s Accounting, Service and Central Station Automation product lines including:

•          new financial reporting,

•          real-time e-payment,

•          WebView,

•          automated action plans,

•          CSID generator,

•          action plan signals,

•          new form style,

•          smart scheduling, and

•          new error reporting.

“Our product has received a makeover with the numerous new features in both the Millennium Management and Central Station software.  We encourage everyone to take a new look at Micro Key,” said Micro Key President, Victoria Ferro.


DMP Wireless Panel Earns CSFM

DMP, Springfield, Mo., earned the California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) listing for the new XTLC – the newest version of its XTL™ Wireless Burglary Control Panel.

The new XTLC has CDMA Cellular technology on-board, allowing dealers to increase the life of their installations. This new model is in addition to the recently added XTLN (Network Communication) and XTLN-WiFi (WiFi communication), both CSFM approved.

“DMP has provided our dealers with multiple communication options over the years, and we continue to do so, offering a choice of cellular technology and a choice of carriers with greater coverage, allowing DMP dealers to install panels on a cellular platform that has no end in sight,” said Mark Nesmith, vice president of sales. “And, as California dealers have come to expect, the new XTLC is backwards compatible with existing wireless modules, enabling a seamless upgrade to the newest technology available in our industry and now CSFM approved.”

The new XTLC has been tested and approved to meet the below listed standards, as well as for use on the Verizon Network. (Note: CDMA devices do not contain a SIM card.)

•          CP-01-2010 False Alarm Reduction

•          1023 Household Burglar

•          985 Household Fire Warning

•          1610 Central Station Burglar

•          CSFM household fire and burglary alarm control unit

All four XTL models − the XTL, XTLN , XTLN-WIFI and now the XTLC − provide most of the features found in the larger DMP panels, including 28 two-way wireless zones, six areas, and 30 user codes. The XTL panels support up to four wireless keypads and have built-in proximity readers as an option. They also include up to eight outputs for wireless key fobs, sirens, annunciators, and relays.

The DMP App provides Apple™ iPhone™, iPad™ and Android™ users with the ability to access most XTL system functions remotely via network, cellular, or WiFi. DMP dealers can customize the DMP App with their logo, keeping a constant reminder of their brand in front of end users.

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Telguard Now Supports DSC’s Sur-Gard Receivers

Telguard, a division of Telular Corporation, now offers the ability to deliver alarm signals from Telguard’s communication center to central stations, using the Internet Protocol (IP) alarm format, FIBRO, to Sur-Gard’s IP alarm receivers.

IP alarm delivery provides a variety of benefits to the security industry. By leveraging IP, alarm messages reach central station receivers more quickly than dialup solutions. Faster alarm delivery is always critical when it comes to intrusion and fire solutions where shorter response times are critical. For central stations, IP alarm delivery is not just about faster response times; it also affects operating costs. With IP alarm delivery, inbound traffic to costly toll free numbers is completely avoided, Telguard explained.

 “We are excited by Telguard’s ability to support Sur-Gard’s FIBRO IP alarm format and by the combination of faster signal delivery and potential lower operating costs,” said Tim Creenan, chief executive officer, Amherst Alarm. “As an innovative provider of high-quality products, Telguard continues to offer solutions that benefit the entire security and PERS industry,” he commented.

Sur-Gard’s FIBRO IP alarm delivery is available with all Telguard cellular alarm communicators. As an added layer of protection for Telguard dealers, should the central station’s Internet connection fail, Telguard will fall back to delivering the message using its traditional dialup methods.

“IP alarm delivery is just one more reason for security dealers to choose Telguard cellular alarm communicators for 3G/4G networks. The ability to transmit alarm signals faster and more reliably is a feature that residential and business customers demand,” said Shawn Welsh, vice president of marketing and business development, Telular. “In addition to launching Telguard HomeControl to augment our portfolio of solutions, we continue to enhance our existing products with features that increase end-user security and our partner’s RMR from every installation, whether it’s new, a takeover or a 2G upgrade.”

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Industry Veteran Eisenstadt Writes New Book for Sales Professionals

Step Up To Sales Success is a new book written by industry veteran, Harvey J. Eisenstadt. The author describes it as “the thinking salesperson’s guide to successful sales relationships, effective presentations and winning closing techniques.” The book is the culmination of 50 years of successful selling by Eisenstadt, who is an award-winning consultant, trainer, speaker, mentor and author.

Major themes of book include: a successful sales philosophy, effective sales management, and personal development for sales professionals.

Eisenstadt brings together personal experience, as well as proven methods and more than 50 years as a successful salesperson and sales consultant. The book is comprised of the best of 20 years of his monthly columns that were published in the California Alarm Association’s magazine, “The Mirror.”

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IntransaBrand™ VideoAppliance™ & Hitachi Data Systems Working Together

Viakoo Inc., Mountain View, Calif., announced that its IntransaBrand™ products, combined with Hitachi Unified Storage, create a powerfully integrated video server and storage solution.

Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) helps customers meet application availability requirements and performance requirements with a low total cost of ownership solution.

Users can deploy high-performance storage for video and easily grow to meet expanding requirements and meet service level objectives for critical security applications.

The IntransaBrand™ VideoAppliance™ is designed and tuned for video workloads for demanding physical security requirements, yet has the simplicity of an appliance.

IntransaBrand™ products are manufactured and supported under license from Viakoo Inc. For information, visit


VSS Strikes Distribution Agreement  With Ingram Micro

Video Storage Solutions, a BCD company, signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Ingram Micro Inc. to resell its Video Storage Solutions’ (VSS) IP Video Recording Servers to their channel partners in the United States.

“The SMB market represents a significant growth opportunity for channel partners who specialize in network video solutions and services,” said Tom Burns, director, Ingram Micro Physical Security Business Unit, North America. “We’re pleased to extend our network video solutions portfolio and offer the VSS line and entire catalog of purpose-built surveillance appliances.”

Available in both tower and rack-mount configurations, these value-priced recording appliances come standard with up to 48TB of video-optimized 6G SAS storage. All units include a five-year HP on-site warranty. VSS systems also ship standard with either Axis Camera Station or Milestone software licenses pre-loaded and ready to deploy.

“We were looking to manufacture a unit that is as simple to use as a DVR,” said Tom Yeargin, VSS’ national sales manager. “The security customer just wants to plug his cameras in and go, just like the old days — of course, with much more sophisticated technology on the inside.”

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SecuraTrac & MAS Form Partnership to Serve Growing Mobile Health & Safety Markets

SecuraTrac, Hermosa Beach, Calif., a provider of mobile health and safety solutions, announced an agreement with MAS, Costa Mesa, Calif., provider of MASterMind, a security automation software platform. Through the agreement, SecuraTrac’s ReliaTrac mobile health and safety platform will be integrated with the MASterMind security platform, delivering a full-service monitoring and tracking solution to the mobile safety (mSafety) and mobile health (mHealth) markets.

“The mHealth and mSafety markets are in their infancy,” said Chris Holbert, chief executive officer of SecuraTrac, “And advances in technology and agreements that bring two proven and powerful systems together will drive increased adoption for thousands of customers in a variety of security markets. Ultimately, our solutions become easier to adopt and implement domestically and internationally.”

MAS integration with ReliaTrac, offering mSafety and mHealth capabilities, were expected to be available as of July 8, 2013 and to be compatible with 6.30.01 (Build 4 or higher) 6.32.01 (Build 2 or higher).

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PSA Security Network® announced that its network of integrators now has access to the Vunetrix product, a network monitoring platform. The Vunetrix platform has been designed for the surveillance industry. With the growth of security into the IP space, health statistics on these devices and the network have become a necessity, PSA stated.


Vunetrix has two deployment options including Cloud and Hardware. Cloud deployments load the Vunetrix software into the customer’s network, where it then pushes all the data to the colocation, which is viewed by the integrator and/or customer with secure Web log in. Vunetrix can also deploy hardware onto the customer’s network that sits inside their firewalls to gather and store data internally.

“PSA is thrilled to begin our partnership with Vunetrix. Their highly scalable, turnkey network monitoring solution provides our members with the information they need to maintain the long-term health of any size network. Vunetrix’s unique solution fits a nice little niche in our offering and makes them a perfect addition to the PSA line card,” said Craig Patterson, PSA’s director of Vendor Management.


Optellios Inc. (, a developer and manufacturer of advanced fiber-optic sensing and security systems, has a new extension of the Optellios sales team. New Era Sales Inc. ( is now the newest manufacturer’s representative to join the company’s growing sales team.

“I am confident that our customers in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia will benefit from this new addition to our sales team,” said Kevin Bradley, senior vice president of Sales, Marketing and Operations.


Secura Key Publishes RFID Card  Capabilities Guide

Secura Key, Chatsworth, Calif. recently published its new e*Tag Card Capabilities Guide. This guide presents all of the available credential options, so that the customer can select the credential that is exactly suited to their application.

The document helps RFID customers to learn about the various options available for Secura Key’s RFID credentials, such as package sizes, inlay sizes, inlay types and manufacturers, custom encoding, custom graphics and printing, variable data (bar codes and numbering) encoding to match bar codes, laser numbering, inkjet numbering, and special form factors.

The guide features photographs of sample artwork used by actual customers for various applications. It also shows standard artwork layouts, and it includes a guide on how to order cards with custom artwork.

This new card capabilities guide is available in PDF format on the SECURA KEY website, by visiting



CEDIA Takes Networking Training  to WAVE Electronics

The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) has partnered with WAVE Electronics to offer two in-demand home network training courses. The two courses, Designing Ethernet Networks (ESD341) and Intermediate Networking (EST333), are part of the CEDIA pathway to mastering the network and earning the CEDIA Residential Networking Specialist Credential.

“The network is the backbone of the home. Home technology professionals need to master their networking skills to meet the expectations of their clients,” said Dave Pedigo, senior director of Technology and Learning. “We offer a robust networking training program that includes the two courses offered at WAVE Electronics in addition to six more courses.”

Networking training for every skill level will be available at CEDIA EXPO, scheduled to take place in September. More than eight networking courses will be offered with multiple class times; a sneak peek at the training schedule is available at

For those interested in getting network training in their area, they may contact for more information. CEDIA offers a variety of training year-round both online and in person.

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Latest Version of RSAN Adds iPhone Application

The latest release of Cooper Notification’s award-winning Roam Secure Alert NetworkTM (RSANTM) features an iPhone® application to complete its suite of mobile applications across all major devices, including BlackBerry® and AndroidTM.

The RSAN Mobile application is an easy-to-use emergency communications tool for users who are on the go. Regardless of whether there is access to a Web browser, RSAN Mobile enables administrators to send emergency messages directly from their iPhone, Blackberry or Android smartphones to a wide range of communication channels, including email and text messages, automated voice calls, pagers, digital signs and desktop alerts.

“As part of our continuing efforts to provide advanced technologies for emergency communications, we are proud to offer our customers a complete line of native mobile applications,” said Scott Hearn, president, Cooper Notification. “In an emergency, when seconds count, we recognize the importance of mobile applications, providing our customers with reliable, fast and easy-to-use solutions.”

 Cooper Notification, based in Long Branch, N.J., is a unit of Cooper Safety, part of the electrical business of Eaton. For information, visit