FLIR demonstrated its new Site Protection Solution, an affordable surveillance product that leverages the analytics power of VideoIQ, on the blues stage at Buddy Guy’s Legends during ASIS 2013. PHOTO BY SDM STAFF

Portland, Ore.-based FLIR Systems used the setting of Chicago’s famous nightclub, Buddy Guy’s Legends, during ASIS 2013 to talk about the company’s new Site Protection Solution (SPS), which it said provides an extremely affordable video security solution for a wide range of applications.

“Our new Site Protection Solution is a powerful combination of thermal cameras and intelligent, adaptive analytics from VideoIQ that provide reliable video security of perimeters and large open areas at any time of the day or night,” said Bill Klink, FLIR’s vice president of Security and Surveillance. “FLIR’s thermal cameras extend the use case of VideoIQ into dark environments and the other way around,” he added.

FLIR’s unique WDR thermal video provides reliable threat detection and visual alarm assessment even in the most challenging conditions, the company stated. The SPS couples the high-contrast thermal video signal with VideoIQ’s intelligent, adaptive analytics. These include exclusive FLIR Mode algorithms specifically designed to work with the output of FLIR thermal cameras, virtually eliminating nuisance alarms in both perimeter security and wide-area coverage applications.

“This powerful solution delivers intelligent prevention unlike any other combination of technologies on the market,” said Dr. Mahesh Saptharishi, president and CTO for VideoIQ, headquartered in Billerica, Mass.

There are more than 50 lens and sensor resolution combinations to choose from to use with SBS, to ensure the right combination of coverage, range and detail needed to create a reliable virtual perimeter at a surprisingly low cost, Klink said. He described the solution as being simple to install, with no calibration required.

Perimeter protection solutions such as fence lines can be secured with SPS for as little as $5 per linear foot of coverage. Wide-area coverage applications, such as rooftops, car impound lots, and athletic fields, can be secured for as little as $0.10 per square foot. There is no need to install a typical lighting infrastructure needed for visible cameras to work. For sites with a lighting infrastructure that is already in place, or that needs the added reactive or forensic information provided by visible cameras, many of FLIR’s all-weather, high-definition 2.1MP color cameras can be included in the SPS as well.

In addition to sending automated alarms via email and mobile devices, VideoIQ’s Rialto IP and analog encoders also provide up to 500GB of on-board storage, for reliable, zero-bandwidth recording, the companies described in their joint announcement.

For information, visit www.flir.com/security.