viperReady for more competitors from…the auto industry? Viper, Vista, Calif., a 30-year player in car security, launched Viper Home, a self-installed home security monitoring system that is completely controlled from a smartphone.

The company is taking direct aim as its security competition.

“Viper Home was created to give people a technologically advanced, yet self-installed and low-cost solution to home security that they can personally monitor through their smartphones with sensors and real-time video,” said James Turner, vice president of Product Development at Viper. “We believe our proprietary technology will show that traditional home security firms with expensive monthly fees are a thing of the past.”

Viper Home will be integrated with the Viper SmartStart car security app through the new ViperConnect app, creating “the world's first all-in-one home and car security monitoring solution for the smartphone,” according to the company. ViperConnect is currently available in iTunes and Google Play, allowing consumers to explore the app before they purchase the Viper Home system.

Available exclusively through Best Buy stores in the United States, Viper Home is marketed as “an affordable home security monitoring solution that takes less than 15 minutes to install (no tools required),” according to the company’s press release.  Consumers simply purchase the Viper Home Starter Kit ($229.99), which includes a central hub, indoor motion detector and a magnetic door/window sensor. Connect the central hub to an Internet router and the system is ready to control and monitor from a smartphone.

  • The system sends real-time notifications of any security event to smartphones.
  • The motion sensor detects movement inside a home any time the system is armed and uploads real-time reports directly to a smartphone.
  • The magnetic door/window sensor protects the home's key entry points and notifies the system of any unauthorized entry.
  • With the addition of the indoor camera and motion detector, movement inside a home can be monitored and then viewed in real time on a smartphone.

The Viper Home system is customizable with optional accessories based on an individual's security monitoring needs. Up to 64 total devices can be hosted by the system, including:

  • Indoor camera and motion detector
  • Indoor Siren
  • Remote Control Key Fob
  • Z-WAVE® bridge – Adds the ability to control Z-WAVE-enabled lighting, thermostat, garage door and other devices with a smartphone
  • Additional window/door sensors and motion detectors

For a low monthly fee of $9.99 per month USD, ViperWatch streaming video notifications can be enabled to add the indoor camera and motion detector, which detects and verifies any security event in a home environment, sends full color video to the assigned smartphone and allows for real-time responses. For information, visit