csa_powerCrestron, Rockleigh, N.J., announced the launch of its new intelligent power supply (CSA-PWS10S-HUB), which can power up to 10 Crestron shade motors of any kind, each with its own replaceable fuse. The built-in integrated five-segment Cresnet hub provides an isolated control network for each pair of shades, therefore limiting the impact of any wiring faults. The CSA-PWS10S-HUB replaces all current Crestron multi-shade power supplies and is the perfect companion to Crestron QMT (Quiet Motor Technology) shade motors.

Quick troubleshooting

Built-in diagnostics, enabling:

  • Automatically shut down the branch with the fault
  • Identify wiring issues such as shorts and crossed connections quickly and easily without a multi-meter
  • Trigger program events based on problems detected by the power supply (e.g. notices on touch screens and emails to service department).

Convenient controls?

The master raise/lower pushbuttons on the supply housing make it simple to test for proper shade operation prior to system commissioning — without the need for a connected control system or computer.

Flexible installation

The power supply ships ready to mount on the wall. It’s also available in a pre-assembled, UL® listed bundle with a 1x1 CAEN enclosure (CSA-PWS10S-HUB-CAEN-1X1) that can be surface or recess mounted.