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ONVIF announced the final release of Profile C, which extends the functionality of ONVIF’s global interface specification to the access control arena, as well as a new membership level, both aimed at increasing participation in the global standardization initiative for IP-based security products.

Now that the final release of Profile C, which includes the availability of the Profile C Test Tool, has been made available, the door is open for manufacturers to introduce conformant products to the market.

With Profile C, compatibility between access control edge devices and clients is improved, installation simplified and training time diminished because of the reduced need for multiple proprietary monitoring systems to handle different physical access control system (PACS) devices, according to the organization. Profile C conformant devices within the access control system provide door and access point information and functionality related to basic door control activities such as locking and unlocking doors, when a door has been accessed and other door monitoring tasks.

Profile C also can be combined with ONVIF Profile S for video and audio streaming so users can group related access and video devices, sharing the same device management features such as network configuration and system settings. In addition to Profile C for PACS, ONVIF offers Profile S as the interface to stream video and audio between conformant devices and clients; and Release Candidate Profile G, which will encompass video storage, searching, retrieval and playback.

 ONVIF also created an Observer level membership, which is available to consultants, systems architects and engineers, and members of the media. This new membership level grants certain benefits within ONVIF, most notably the opportunity to access Network Interface Specification test tools to gain greater familiarity with the ONVIF interface without participating at the same level as a manufacturer.