How-to Videos for Configuring Cameras

For customers looking for tutorials, Dallmeier announced videos online with step-by-step instructions for configuring HD cameras via its Web interface. In a new series of “how-to” videos on the company’s YouTube channel, the manufacturer explains which settings can be made, and where they can be made. The videos also answer questions such as where user rights can be set and how the event administration or display of external data in the video image work. Tips are provided on which settings deliver an optimum camera image and how the lens can be controlled or the picture detail can be fine-tuned across the Web interface.



Video Demonstrates  Anti-Spider Technology

Clinton Electronics conceived an entertaining way to demonstrate its new technology to combat the age-old problem of spiders wreaking havoc on security electronics. In less than two minutes, the company’s video illustrates its latest anti-spider technology, which emits a high-frequency signal that detracts spiders from spinning webs on the camera lens. It is a short and to-the-point video on why spiders are attracted to cameras and what you can do to get rid of them.



Diebold Mobile App Deployed in Pilot

The ATM and mobile solution that Diebold Inc. announced last year has been deployed for the first time at Diebold Credit Union. The ATM has no card reader. Diebold and its partner Paydiant’s technology relies solely on mobile authentication, allowing customers to make purchases or withdrawals without using physical debit or credit cards. When a consumer scans a unique QR code at the ATM using a smartphone, the ATM authenticates the user via cloud-hosted services to enable secure, cardless transactions. With no card or PIN required, the solution eliminates the threats of card skimming and shoulder surfing at the ATM.



Virtual Whitepaper Added to Site

Morse Watchmans published a whitepaper titled Best Practices Provide Best Value When Implementing Key Control and Asset Management Systems. The document is available to visitors through the resource section on the company’s website. Information in the whitepaper includes tips for designing and customizing a system, software add-ons and system integration, and an introduction to key control and asset management system technology.