There’s no denying it, the over 50 population is expanding rapidly, and the push is on for enjoyable, independent living. Smart home technologies offer numerous benefits for this growing market and your company can take advantage of this opportunity. For a start, consider offering motion sensors, lighting control, video surveillance, entertainment systems, communication systems, security and personal emergency response (PERS) systems. Here’s why...

109 million Americans are 50+ and this population will grow 10 percent by 2020.

Leverage the motion sensors you’ve been installing for years by integrating them with lights and heating/cooling. Provide added safety, security and energy savings by turning on lights with movement around the house or entering the bathroom.

92% of Americans 50+ watch TV weekly

Upgrade entertainment systems with digital content access and simple control. They often buy the displays at retail but need professional help with installation and upgrades. Reach out to local retailers and offer installation services.

71% of Americans 50+ use energy-efficient light bulbs

“Go green” and offer LED bulbs and lighting control for reduced energy bills. Add simple lighting control for convenience, safety and additional energy savings.

37% of Americans 50+ household income over $100,000/year

Improve their homes and support independent living by monitoring activity and notifying family. Consider incorporating communications such as intercoms and video cameras for reminders, social interactions and safety. Help them continue living independently in their home, with control of lights, window treatments and door locks, plus enhanced connectivity to their family and friends. A PERS system provides peace-of-mind to everyone caring for a loved one.

Let’s take a look at a typical scenario today:  Mom lives in Arkansas and the daughter is in Chicago. Mom’s daily routine includes getting up around 8 a.m., taking her medications, getting the newspaper off the front porch, and reading it while enjoying a muffin, cup of coffee and the TV news. With simple devices Mom’s activities can be tracked; a motion sensor detects activity in the living room, magnetic contact monitors the opening of the front door to get the paper, and a sensor identifies the opening of the drawer/cabinet where the medications are kept. If the routine doesn’t occur, a simple email/voice mail can be sent to the daughter and she can give Mom a call to check in, along with reminding her to take her pills. Or, a non-emergency monitoring service can receive the information and make a phone call or stop by to ensure everything is fine.

All of these benefits add up to independence and individual happiness. With easy and automatic control of systems in the home, monitoring of activity for family and caregivers, easy access to information, communication and entertainment, the 50+ population has a plethora of opportunities for personal growth, enrichment and satisfaction. AND you have an opportunity to grow business, customer loyalty and profits!

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