Industry thought leaders from Comcast, DISH, GigaOm Research, iControl, Dolby, Auro, Pioneer, and Sony Pictures Entertainment will participate in three CEDIA Training panels at CEDIA EXPO 2014. In addition Geoff Mulligan, chairman, IPSO Alliance and former presidential innovation fellow will present a course on the Internet of Things.

 “The topics these training courses and panels are covering don’t just represent ‘cool’ emerging trends, they’re vital topics. 4K, object based audio, commoditized home automation, and the Internet of Things will change how home technology professionals do business,” said Dave Pedigo, senior director of learning & emerging trends. “These new courses, combined with the opening keynote presented by Sony and the training keynote by CompTIA, really will provide attendees a full picture of all that is going on in the industry."

New Additions & Panel Announcements:

  • Atmos, Auro3D & More: Bringing Object Based Audio from the Cinema to the Home Theater (ESD0035-1) — Moderated by CEDIA Fellow Michael Heiss. Representatives from Dolby, Auro, Pioneer, and sound expert Dr. Floyd Toole
  • Commoditized Home Automation: It's (Not) a Threat (ESB0029) — Moderated by Gordon VanZuiden. Representatives from iControl and GigaOm Research
  • Ultra HD/4K: It's Way More than Just Pixels (EST0870) — Moderated by CEDIA Fellow Michael Heiss. Representatives from DISH, Comcast, Sony Pictures Entertainment

The recently added course on the Internet of Things (EST090-1) is a course that applies not only to home technology professionals, but also to manufacturers.

“2014 has been named the year of the Internet of Things, so getting to glean information from the inventor of 6LoWPAN couldn’t be more relevant,” said Pedigo. “Attendees have the opportunity learn more about what will become the de-facto standard for IP in the industry.”

 CEDIA EXPO attendees may add any of these courses to their schedule through the online registration system. CEDIA EXPO will be held at the Colorado Convention Center September 10 – 14 (show floor open September 11 – 14).