The Security Industry Association (SIA), Silver Springs, Md., announced that the Education Interest Group it formed in 2013 to address school security issues is now the SIA Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS). The rebranding recognizes the need for a coordinated approach to protecting students and staff that encompasses a range of stakeholders, reported SIA.

While the SIA group was originally formed to serve as a source of industry expertise on security issues, the alliance combines that technical knowledge by also bringing in representatives of schools, law enforcement, and trade associations.

PASS is developing guidelines for the use of electronic security and life safety equipment in schools that will provide tiered recommendations based on the resources available at a given facility. The PASS objectives, initial document and related educational sessions are scheduled to be released at ISC West, sponsored by SIA, April 14 – 17, 2015, at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas.

“By drawing upon the insights and expertise of security suppliers, security practitioners, school administrators and law enforcement, the SIA PASS recommendations will enable education officials to maximize the effectiveness of their security solutions,” SIA’s CEO, Don Erickson, said.

 The SIA PASS alliance is chaired by Brett St. Pierre, director of education solutions at HID Global, Austin, Texas. Jim Crumbley, president and CEO of Risk Response Team, Atlanta, serves as vice chair.