Eagle Eye Networks Inc. cloud security camera mapping offers users the ability to view or record video directly from a map or physical layout. The company also has expanded mobile apps to include comprehensive installation functionally.

Eagle Eye Networks’ cloud security camera mapping features geographic maps which allow users to create and insert custom floor plans. Users can drag and drop cameras on the map to specify camera location and orientation, and they can zoom in or out and navigate to different locations. Online/functioning cameras are shown in green on the map; offline cameras are shown in red, while clicking on any camera provides live or recorded video and camera details. The camera mapping also features GPS location for cameras, and Eagle Eye bridges can automatically be captured using Eagle Eye mobile app.

With the Eagle Eye Viewer mobile applications for the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS, integrators and installers can now do complete installation of the Eagle Eye Networks VMS using their iOS and Android devices such as phones and tablets.

Integrators and installers can use their mobile devices to add the Eagle Eye on-site bridges, cloud managed video recorders (CMVRs) and cameras; a PC-based installation option is still available but no longer required. As each device is plugged in, it can be configured immediately using the mobile app including adding and managing users.

Users now can automatically capture GPS location for camera and bridges for use with Eagle Eye’s camera mapping functionality. Installers also can view video while adding a new camera and adjusting settings, allowing them to easily add/adjust cameras from a ladder or other location in real time. With the app, they can display camera status and settings, and turn cameras on and off.

The Eagle Eye Viewer can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store or Android Google Play.

 For information, visit www.eagleeyenetworks.com