The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office successfully deployed a mobile identification solution that allows officers to capture and search fingerprints against state and national FBI databases from any location. The solution, supplied by the U.S. company MorphoTrak, part of the global Morpho (Safran) group of companies, consists of a Morpho Maestro gateway for system communications and 65 cell phone-size MorphoIDent mobile devices for capturing fingerprints in the field.

 “Maestro is a powerful tool that enhances the benefit of the mobile devices,” said Bill Schade, fingerprint records manager for Pinellas County.“In the short time we have had the system, it has already had a significant effect on our ability to deliver security to our citizens and deputies.”

Within the first week of deployment, the mobile system identified a wanted felony suspect by searching the FBI Repository of Individuals of Special Concern (RISC) database. In addition to criminal apprehension, the mobile system makes immediate identification of lost and deceased individuals possible when no other means of identification are available.

MorphoIDent devices give deputies the ability to capture high quality fingerprints quickly and intuitively in a small package. The Maestro gateway provides the interface to statewide and national fingerprint databases, and gives the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office the ability to track and report on device usage and outcomes.