The VARIO Lighthouse Kit (VLK) provides a fully integrated lighting and camera housing as a high performance, all-in-one alternative to cameras with integrated LEDs. VLK combines VARIO LED illuminators, available in infrared, white-light or hybrid, along with the facility for up to two IP or analog cameras into one fully integrated, pre-wired and cable-managed housing. Standing separate from the camera, the VARIO illuminators are fully thermal managed and run cool with no risk of the LEDs overheating. Users can integrate up to two cameras of their choice into the VLK unit which, with the associated VARIO LED lighting, can deliver excellent nighttime images up to 722 ft. for a variety of applications including CCTV, ANPR/LPR and thermal. In addition, VLK facilitates much quicker and easier interfacing of lighting and cameras for combined operation. Lighting configurations can include activation on demand via camera or external input, or autonomous operation from its integrated photocell. The integrated photocell can also be used to trigger switching of camera day/night mode in conjunction with the illuminators.

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