CEDIA, Indianapolis, with the input of members and its board of directors, has adopted some key changes to the Electronic Lifestyles ® Awards Program. Changes include updates to the overall awards judging process as well as updates to the entry categories.  For the first time, CEDIA will reveal the panel of judges that evaluate the home technology professional awards as well as the manufacturer awards.  The panel of judges will soon be announced.

 The criteria that the judges utilize to award points will also be available to entrants to reference as they enter their projects. Judging criteria focuses on the industry best practices and standards recognized by CEDIA and other professional organizations. The criteria outlay specific, quantifiable points against which entries will be judged, giving current and future entrants a clear picture of how their submissions will be evaluated.

 Revised project categories have been implemented for the home technology professional awards to keep pace with industry trends. The categories now include: home theater, media room, integrated home, innovative solution, personal craft, media room under $25,000, and integrated home under $25,000.

Additionally finalists for the home technology professional awards will be announced prior to CEDIA EXPO, with the announcement of the winners at the Electronic Lifestyles® Awards Celebration during CEDIA EXPO. This replaces the previous format of Gold/Silver/Bronze winners and overall category winners.

"We've listened to feedback from across the industry to revise the awards program," said Dennis Erskine, vice chairman of the CEDIA Board. "These revisions open up a new level of transparency for how entrants are judged and ensure that this program only increases in relevance our ever-changing industry." The manufacturer awards will continue with the categories of best new product and product hall of fame. Finalists will continue to be announced, prior to CEDIA EXPO and winners, onsite at CEDIA EXPO.

 CEDIA is now accepting entries for both home technology and manufacturer awards. All entries must be completed by 8 p.m. EST on May 18, 2015. Additional information about the Electronic Lifestyles® Awards program can be found at cedia.net/awards.