Multilingual Apps for LYNX Touch Systems

Honeywell released two first-of-their-kind multilingual demo apps for its LYNX Touch 5200 and 7000 home security systems. With these systems, dealers and integrators can transition between English, Spanish and French languages within the same app, depending on a customer’s language preference, to demonstrate system capabilities. The apps interactively showcase the features of Honeywell’s latest LYNX Touch security systems by simulating the experience on an iPad or iPhone. Consumer marketing materials have been translated for immediate, on-the-spot access via the apps. The apps are available for free download on iTunes and are compatible with the latest Apple iOS software. For more information on the demo apps and LYNX Touch, please visit



Central Station Alarm Association International Presents CSAA 365

CSAA has launched a video series online called “CSAA 365”″ to promote the many programs, services and membership benefits CSAA offers to its members and help them advance their business all year long. Here’s how it works. CSAA will upload approximately two videos per month throughout 2015. The first introductory video is up online now. Watch CSAA President Jay Hauhn explain how the new video series will work, why members should share CSAA 365 with any potential members, and more. Want to see what’s coming up? Check out CSAA 365’s preview, to learn more.



Viva Las Vegas

Before you pack your bags for the biggest security trade show event in the United States, get familiar with where you are headed — ISC West in Las Vegas, April 14 to 17, 2015 at the Sands Expo. Need to know about the approximately 28,000 security professionals from around the world? Check out the list of exhibitors; sign up for SIA Education@ISC from your laptop; make plans for all those industry-related events from lunch- and-dinner time award ceremonies to the Market Leaders Reception; and more. Visit early and often.



New Animated Video Offers Info on Total Connect Tracking

Need to track a package? That’s easy. Tracking your teenager, well, it used to be hard. Not anymore. Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services, recently announced by Honeywell, uses GPS technology to remotely track vehicles and assets in real-time, offering a variety of services. Use it to track shipments of products if you are a business owner, or a teen with a new driver’s license, if you are a concerned parent. Honeywell uses the art of animation to tell the story behind their product: Check it out on Honeywell’s The Security Channel Blog:



Reduce Energy Bills

Have you ever wondered, “Did I leave the lights on?” after you’ve left the house?  Well, worry no more. Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) now offers geofencing for Apple and Android Virtual Keypad App users. What is geofencing? It allows users to create virtual fences using the location services (GPS) on their cell phone. The alarm system recognizes when the fence has been exited or entered, triggering a “favorite” to activate lights, locks or thermostats, all automatically. To start using geofencing, users simply update their app from the App Store or Google Play Store and dealers just need to check the geofence box to enable geofences for that user in the VK Admin page.



Costar Video Systems Unveils Website Redesign

Costar Video Systems upgraded its website in a complete redesign, available at The new site is designed to offer a more intuitive navigation and features a responsive design that is optimized for mobile and tablet devices. It also offers a wealth of downloadable information and tools to improve the customer experience. For example, under the “resources” tab, customers will have access to storage calculators, record rate comparisons, and other free tools to help with product quotes and installations. Under the “support” tab, customers will have access to an array of technical support options.



Super Bowl Ad Continues to Play On in the ‘Band of Brands’

Super Bowl 2015 may be over, but it is still possible to enjoy the highly-crafted advertisements that populated the airwaves during the game. The Kern Group, a family owned security business, took their place in the spotlight during Newcastle Brown Ales “Band of Brands” historic first-ever crowdfunded Super Bowl ad. Over 350 brands applied to join the Newcastle Band of Brands and the Kern Group was one of 37 selected to participate in it. The chosen brands came together for what Newcastle termed a “Mega Ad,” which was broadcast in select markets during the big game. It can be seen on YouTube: Watch carefully to catch it — The Kern Group’s brand “Kern Group Security” animates across the screen at 0.33 seconds, as well as being seen twice as a window decal behind the two actors in the kitchen scenes, and at the end as brands explode out of the house in the lower right corner of the screen.



Award-Winning Actor Helps Spotlight ADT On-the-Go Emergency Response System

If you liked “Pulp Fiction” star Ving Rhames, you’re in luck. ADT created a new advertisement featuring award-winning actor Rhames to illustrate the toughness and durability of its new personal emergency response system. In it, Rhames embodies ADT’s new On-the-Go Emergency Response System, a wearable technology that helps America’s growing senior population go about their day-to-day lives with confidence. The humorous storyline follows a day in the life of an inspiring, active woman as she enjoys her hobbies. And throughout it all — with a little help from Rhames, who represents ADT’s 24/7 professional monitoring — ADT highlights that they’re always there, too. Take a look at:



Digi' See This? Revealed

 HDOn Tap used an X|Stream Designs enclosure fitted with a 720p Sony PTZ camera, supported by an iluminar IR623 Series long-range infrared LED illuminator to enable anyone to watch the birds of Ga. state park Skidaway Island. Footage from the camera is streamed live on the Internet via HDOnTap’s live streaming webcam service. To watch visit: