After a short hiatus, Rapid Response returned to ISC West in a big way with an innovative, eye-catching booth.

After a six-year absence from the show, Rapid Response is back as an exhibitor in 2015 with a booth that definitely makes a splash thanks to its main feature: a wraparound HD wall.

“I’ve had the idea for this booth in my head for a long time, but the technology finally caught up,” said Jeff Atkins, president of Rapid Response.

Atkins said Rapid Response took a break from exhibiting to upgrade its technology, people, training and infrastructure. Now, with a second facility on the West Coast – a mirror image of the company’s New York location – Atkins said the time was right to come back.

The 28 seats, each with an iPad or Android tablet, circling the booth allow dealers and integrators to experience Rapid Response’s mobile capabilities, giving them a taste of what they could offer their custoemrs.

“The booth represents redundancy and the synergistic properties of the show,” he said. “We want to show people remotely what Rapid Response is all about. We can’t bring everybody to the central station, so we’re bringing the central station to them.”