autovu_carThe AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud is a software-based license plate recognition solution for Genetec’s AutoVu automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system. It allows customers to enhance standard IP video surveillance cameras with ALPR capabilities instead of requiring a specialized license plate recognition unit. It is designed to provide the same high accuracy delivered by AutoVu specialized units when vehicles are moving up to 15 mph, such as parking lot monitoring, automatic gate or garage door operations, and data mining. The AutoVu Plate Reader Cloud ALPR engine will be hosted in the cloud, making it easy to deploy and maintain. Engine updates containing the latest improvements and support for new license plate models will be automatically applied without requiring customer intervention or system downtime. Using either software triggers, such as motion or cross-line detection, or hardware triggers, including in-ground loop and IR sensors, it will detect vehicles and upload a short encrypted video feed to its cloud-based engine, where the image analysis is performed. The data will be sent back to the local Genetec Security Center system, usually in less than a second, to be compared to vehicle lists and used to document arrival/departure credentials, open gates, or trigger alerts.