Vector Security, a provider of intelligent security solutions, launched the Vector Security mobile app for Apple and Android devices.
Exclusive to Vector Security customers and powered by, the Vector Security mobile app uses award-winning technology and cloud services to power security and smart home solutions, all from a single platform.
“Today’s busy lifestyle, coupled with technology advancements, has created an increased demand for home automation and mobile security,” said Art Miller, vice president of marketing for Vector Security. “This app was created in response to that need. By downloading the app onto their Apple or Android device, our customers will experience the convenience and ease of managing not only their home security system, but also a range of home automation solutions that fit their needs, all from one app.”
Using the app, customers can control:
Lights – Turn lights on and off, and create schedules and event triggers. Sync lights with your home security system. 
Locks – Lock or unlock your door from your mobile device. 
Thermostats – Adjust your thermostat, create energy-efficient schedules that fit your lifestyle and sync with your home security system.
Video – Turn cameras on and off, adjust views and set up triggers and alerts so you know what’s happening at home, even when you’re not there.
Image sensors – Get a snapshot of what triggered your alarm sent right to your mobile device, or get on-demand images instantly.
Energy monitoring – Get a baseline reading of your home’s energy use and see what appliances use the most energy. Make adjustments to become more energy efficient and get ongoing reports to track your progress.
Geo-fencing – Set up a virtual fence near or around your home that when crossed, can turn lights on and off, arm/disarm your security system, open/close your garage door, adjust thermostats, etc.
Garage door – Open and close your garage door from your mobile device so there’s no second-guessing whether you forgot.
According to Strategy Analytics’ Smart Home Strategies latest forecast, spending on smart home systems and services in the U.S. hit $18 billion in 2014 and will more than double to $39 billion by 2019.
Further, consumers want a simple, intuitive way to interact with the devices that control their smart home systems. A recent Coldwell Banker study indicates buyers want to control their home from their smart phone — 62 percent of sales associates surveyed are seeing more buyers interested in controlling their home technology through their smart phone or tablet now than they were just two to five years ago.
“This represents a huge opportunity for on-the- go solutions and reflects the growing demand for mobility,” Miller added. “With the Vector Security mobile app, we are poised to meet our customers’ needs now and into the future. Our feature-rich app is the one app they’ll need to control all of their smart home systems.”
The Vector Security mobile app can be found on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
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