International W of Florida now represents Cypress Computer Systems Inc. of Michigan throughout the Central America / Latin America (CALA) region.

“Since International W focuses on the Latin American market, our partnership will make it simple for our customers there to access the solutions they need,” said Paul Ahern, president of Cypress Computer Systems. “The fact that they know the market and speak the language is invaluable to both our customers and to Cypress, as we continue to grow globally.”

Walter Hawrys, International W’s CEO added, “The CALA market is tech savvy. The available solutions are innovative but often complicated. We are excited about representing Cypress Integration because they provide a needed solution but not enough people are aware.”

International W is providing Latin American customers with accurately translated product information, as well as manufacturing sales and support to build the Cypress brand internationally, Ahern said. The partnership will especially benefit access control dealers and integrators throughout Mexico and Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

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