ZKAccess offers a free 3-credit CEU-accredited course, “Advanced Biometric Access Control.” The class is designed to teach physical security integrators all they need to know to successfully migrate from traditional card access systems to biometrics.

Many end users today, particularly iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone users, are being exposed to fingerprint recognition technology and its many benefits. The ZKAccess course provides in-depth knowledge on how biometrics works and explains the added security and convenience that biometrics provides.

Security integrators interested in better understanding biometric security solutions, as well as those wishing to maintain their professional license, will benefit from the course, which is accredited by both the ESA and BICSI.

Among the topics covered are:

  • the history of electronic access control (EAC);
  • essential components of EAC;
  • what biometrics are and how they enhance security;
  • benefits biometrics offer that conventional EAC does not;
  • a review of biometric devices and their relationship to control panels;
  • standalone biometric readers;
  • privacy/encryption concerns in biometric systems;
  • a comparison of client/server application versus browser based; and
  • how to incorporate or transition to biometric security.

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