Vicon Industries Inc. released the next generation of its IQeye Alliance-mx HD megapixel series of cameras. Along with a substantial improvement in video quality, these Alliance-mx cameras offer a new motorized remote-focus lens, an increased field-of-view, extended range of model options and a modified housing for better flush mounting. The new line offers 1MP and 2MP cameras with both cost-effective and advanced feature options. The 3MP and 5MP cameras boast the full-featured version. The addition of a motorized lens option allows complete zoom and focus control from the camera’s Web interface, which reduces installation time and allows for easy long-term maintenance. The motorized lens has P-Iris (autoiris) that supports optimal iris control. These new features and low-cost versions are in addition to the camera’s enhanced processing power needed to run analytics or VMS applications at the edge, WDR, built-in IR illumination, on-camera storage and true day/night capability.

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