Icontrol Networks announced it has received four patents that define the use of video in connected home systems.

Patent 8,819,178 covers the integration of video cameras with a security system and the networking necessary to support such integration with remote access and control. In addition, this patent defines the system architecture needed to support mobile device access to security and video systems using multiple camera video protocols such as H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG.

Patent 8,713,132 describes the creation and management of video camera networks used with premise security systems. The creation of a dedicated or segmented video network in the home, and the management of security system components and camera devices from a remote server are both covered in this patent.

Patent 8,825,871 defines the inventions necessary to securely stream video from within a premise to remote mobile devices.

Patent 8,635,350 explains techniques for implementing fundamental IP device management, including IP cameras located behind a premise firewall/router.

“The most prevalent value proposition in the rapidly expanding connected home market is the desire for greater peace-of-mind,” said Letha McLaren, CMO of Icontrol Networks. “Video is critical in bringing that benefit to life, so there’s no surprise that our 2015 ‘State of the Smart Home Report’ found home monitoring cameras are one of the top features consumers want in a connected home. Icontrol has invested heavily in our mobile video technology, and these four patents will help us continue to offer the highest quality video possible.”

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