Bedrock Learning is offering a training course meant to be an introduction to today’s smart home. The online course, entitled “The Connected Home,” takes users through the basics of the smart home, touching on each major aspect, and includes quizzes along the way with a comprehensive test at the end. Upon successfully completing the course, users may print a certificate of completion and can receive four CEUs accepted by the ESA.

A major theme at the CEDIA EXPO and in recent years in the security and smart home industries is the exponential growth of smart devices, connected home systems and the integration of previously siloed aspects of the home. As changes multiply each day and more things are added to the Internet of Things the world becomes a more connected place.

Change is not easy, and for some who have only known a focused aspect of the industry, the prospect of changing and adapting to this new connected world seems daunting, if not impossible. This new online course, a fact-filled and easy-to-follow wealth of introductory information into the various aspects of the smart home, can serve as a foundational resource for anyone interested in integration of smart home technology.

“The learning experience delivers a solid grasp on the industry, trends, players, products and opportunities,” said Helen Heneveld, president of Bedrock Learning.

The course is a series of more than 200 screens, all with voiceover to help explain concepts, and is broken into 14 sections. At the beginning of each section is a list of learning objectives. The course is filled with useful information presented in an interesting and logical way that takes complex ideas and breaks them down with illustrations, animations, videos and definitions in a way that even someone new to the industry can follow and understand (with voiceover to help explain concepts). Many sections have clickable tabs that explore the various aspects of that section’s topic. For example, in a section about home network devices, a page has tabs for each of the different parts of a home network. The user could click on “modem,” “router,” “switch,” “WAP,” “combination devices,” “NAS” or “firewalls” to read about each and view illustrations.

At the end of each section are a section summary and a quiz. Users must get 100 percent on each quiz, but they can freely navigate back throughout the presentation and correct wrong answers until they get each right. At the end of the course are a course summary and a comprehensive test on which users must score at least 80 percent to pass. If by chance they don’t, a quick email or call to Bedrock Learning and the test is reset for free after three tries.

Section 1 of the course describes and illustrates today’s digital world, emphasizing the quickly changing nature of the industry. In this section, systems of the home are compared to pieces of a puzzle that all fit together for what is known as the smart home. This puzzle comprises integrated home control; energy management; security, health and safety; communications; entertainment; structured wiring; lighting control; and the home network touching all of the systems. In addition to these is an ever-expanding list of devices that are beginning to integrate with the home, including appliances, clothing and vehicles.

In order to demonstrate how these systems benefit the end user, the course uses a fictitious family who lives in and uses a home that employs all of these digital systems. “A Day in the Life of the Simmons Family” is filled with images, videos and graphics in most of the course’s sections.

Other sections include: The Internet of Things; Industry Players and Stakeholders; Making the Digital Home Happen; Structured Wiring and Communication; Home Networking; Entertainment; Lighting Controls; Environment and Energy Management; Security, Health and Safety; Power Quality and Other Systems; Integrated Home Control; and Industry Trends and Insights.

With helpful comparisons of old technology versus new technology and plans for designing the infrastructure of retrofits and new construction smart homes, the course can assist and refresh the experienced integrator as well as educate the novice. 

“This online course is a must for anyone entering the IoT and home automation industry. Everyone should take it — from front desk reception to back-office shipping to sales and marketing,” Heneveld said.

The 4-hour online course is $99 and is available 24/7 to anyone interested. Visit for information.