Sielox added several new features, functionalities and integrations to the latest release of its Pinnacle access control platform, which is designed for small-to-medium business (SMB) applications with one to 20 doors.

In addition to its existing integration with Schlage AD400, AD300 and Salto wireless locks, Pinnacle added integration with Schlage engage platform and NDE locks.

Pinnacle’s many built-in utilities and shortcuts enable functions such as database cleanup, counting applications, remote lock/unlock and report viewing. Pinnacle also features an event video link that automatically pushes events to any DVR or NVR that supports ATM or POS protocols in applications where cash or credit transactions occur.

For integration of video into the access control system, Pinnacle includes Pinnacle Argos, a VMS solution for small-scale surveillance system control, as well as built-in drivers for up to 32 cameras. At present, Argos is integrated to work with Costar cameras, DVRs and NVRs. Argos facilitates video push integration for Pinnacle-generated events. A video player is also integrated in Pinnacle Argos VMS software, making it possible to save and play event-related video from a flash drive or from connected DVRs. Pinnacle Argos is a Web-based application that can be deployed from any computer running Microsoft Internet Explorer. There is no extra charge for this included VMS, nor are there any annual camera licensing fees or video drivers required.

Pinnacle can run in a virtual environment, enabling it to reside on any one or multiple network servers. 

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