On November 17, Dunbar Security Systems, Hunt Valley, Md., formally unveiled the next chapter in its nearly century-long history: a new security operations center (SOC) designed to provide its customers with a managed, full-service approach to physical, protective and cybersecurity. Started in 1923 as Dunbar Armored, Dunbar is still well known for its armored vehicle services. In 1983, the company introduced Dunbar Security Systems to bring an integrated solutions approach to its customers and in 2012 the company launched Dunbar Cybersecurity, which has been a separate entity until now.

“Our success has been driven by our commitment to our customers,” said Kevin Dunbar, president and CEO, at the grand opening, which SDM’s Senior Editor Karyn Hodgson attended. “As the threats have become more complex and difficult to identify, we have evolved to stay ahead of the ever changing security landscape. The convergence of digital and physical security exposes new threats and many customers now rely on disparate services, which are inefficient and leave vulnerable gaps. With this 360-degree managed security service we will offer comprehensive enterprise security, personnel, cutting-edge products and the latest cyber expertise.”

The new division fully integrates Dunbar’s existing cybersecurity, security systems and protective services businesses and provides mid- to large-sized customers with enhanced protection against a full range of threats by monitoring facilities and networks, dispatching guards and conducting threat assessments from the SOC.

The new, high-tech SOC includes a real-time cyberthreat screen powered by Norse, state-of-the-art access control and video systems and an in-house developed big data platform called Cyphon that collects, filters and bottles data into custom alerts, depending on the customer’s needs. This platform is the heart of the newly rebranded managed offering, Dunbar Security Solutions.

Darren McCue, president of Dunbar Security Solutions, also spoke at the grand opening. “It is my pleasure to stand here on this exciting day for Dunbar,” he said. “At Dunbar we have protected our customers for nearly a century, and always innovated to stay one step ahead of the game. Dunbar Security Solutions represents the next step in that evolution, offering comprehensive security against a full range of physical and digital threats.

“There are more than 80 million cyber-related events every year and 70 percent of them go undetected. The majority of these events have both a physical and an IT component.”

McCue gave the example of a retail client that might have gaps in their data devices, non-functioning security cameras and other issues. Dunbar Security Solutions’ mission is to tighten up those gaps, he explained, and make sure the network is secure; manage logs and systems; use IP cameras and analytics to help maximize the flow of traffic; provide access control on all entry points; and integrate the monitoring of all of those elements at the SOC.

One key aspect of the SOC, he added, is to tie the physical and digital security together to stop threats before they happen by not looking at security in a siloed environment. Physical and cybersecurity operators sit side-by-side and will be able to easily share information, trends and threats they see on their screens. “Together we are committed to delivering the best, most comprehensive security available,” McCue said.

Dunbar customers were impressed with the new SOC and managed offering.

Jay Wiley, administrative vice president and cybersecurity operations director for M&T Bank, said he has heard a lot of talk about collaboration between physical and digital security and is looking to do something along the same lines. “When I look at what you have done, this is a world-class facility,” he told the gathering. “It makes sense to run out of a combined operations center like this. I congratulate you.”

The 15,000-square-foot facility will be staffed 24/7 and replaces the previous operations center, which has now become a fully redundant backup facility. In fact, operators were moved to the backup facility for the morning of the grand opening so that no customer’s privacy would be compromised by the demonstration.

“Dunbar today is the strongest it has ever been,” Kevin Dunbar concluded. “With our core armored division, our cash fault business is flourishing. Now, we have a fully integrated solution that will greatly enhance that.”