Paxton’s building intelligence system, net10, delivers out-of-the-box access control, IP video management and building automation. Built with elegance and simplicity in mind, Paxton reported net10 is suitable for projects of all sizes, from the smallest retail facility to the largest university campus. Its launch marks a venture in a new sector for Paxton and comes in response to the evolving landscape within the security industry.

net10 harnesses the connectivity and sharing of information between different technologies and devices to streamline the management of buildings within one intelligent system. With the use of conventional RFID tokens or Bluetooth SMART devices, the system allows specific permissions to individuals, and groups of people, such as gaining access to a building using a mobile phone, automatically turning on/off the alarm and controlling heating and air conditioning.

“The market is rapidly continuing the adoption of IoT and merging of technologies for greater efficiencies and convenience,” said Bob McKee, president, Paxton Access. “Paxton is embracing this opportunity and focusing its efforts to the middle market where there is a void of these types of system solutions.  It’s the unification, not integration, of technologies where net10 distinguishes itself from the rest of the competition.”

net10 products are available to purchase from, with fast delivery, once the free, one day installer training session has been completed. The order can be tracked online, allowing the status of the shipment to be checked at any time.

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