From Alarm Lock, a division of NAPCO Security Technologies, the TrilogyT2 DL2700LD with LocDown is designed for K-12 school and campus security. This standalone wireless keyless digital access lock includes a lock-down key fob, while the lock’s bright visual lockdown indicator bar on the inner door confirms it was locked down. Using digital PIN codes, the wireless standalone lock features Grade 1 durability and can be installed in less than an hour, retrofitting any standard lockset.Faculty and staff can remotely press their pocket-sized key fob’s button to lock out unauthorized access, instantly locking-down a classroom or area, while all can remain safely within the room. For multi-classroom users, up to 50 key fobs can be supported on each lock and each key fob can control up to four locks for remote lockdown activation, up to 100 ft. away.

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