Farpointe Data’s Farpointe mullion keypad reader supports popular proximity card and tag technologies with an integrated keypad for two-factor verification applications. The mullion-sized proximity card reader features an 8-in. read range for increased convenience as the user enters a PIN on the keyboard. The mullion-sized proximity/keypad combination is designed to meet IP67 certification. The unit features tamper-proof and weather-resistant epoxy potting to avoid problems with dust, mist or water. It works in temperature extremes from -40 deg. F to 149 deg. F. With distinctive blue backlit keys, the digits are very easy to read in dark environments. The mullion keypad reader mounts directly to a standard North American sized wall switch box or any flat surface. It meets the impending CIP-006 requirements for two-factor authentication as described by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

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