Dynetics, Booth 3088

GroundAware CS4 brings a new level of efficiency and effectiveness to critical infrastructure owner/operators who must monitor extensive perimeters and grounds for potential security threats posed by humans, animals, vehicles and aircraft. GroundAware CS4 enables security operators to discover intrusions from longer ranges, respond to potential threats based on greater real-time intelligence and easily integrate GroundAware with other security assets.

GroundAware CS4 enables surveillance coverage beyond a range of 3.5 km and across a 120-degree field of view, and can efficiently identify and track potential ground threats across 2,000 acres using a single, easy-to-implement radar system. The solution also delivers enhanced intelligence for capturing and processing data on detected threats and take actions based on users’ preferences and needs. Built on an open architecture, the solution can be integrated with electro-optical and thermal/infrared cameras, video management systems, access control systems and more.

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