LifeSafety Power Inc., Mundelein, Ill., is meeting the radical transformations of power solutions in the security industry head-on.

Since its founding in 2009, LifeSafety Power has provided technologies designed to yield heightened reporting capabilities on the health of monitored devices.

The company continues to provide networking and proactive reporting, delivering critical, real-time information on power devices to integrators and end users. The company unveiled the new tagline, Power is Knowledge, at ISC West 2016.

“This captures our continued focus on the fusion of power and data,” said John Olliver, co-founder and senior vice president of sales and business development. “We’ve matured as a company,” he continued. “We are no longer the new kid on the block and want the market to fully understand our unique value proposition. We’re way beyond standard, off-the-shelf components and input/output voltages, instead offering mix-and-match modularity for integrators to create custom power solutions.”

Olliver said that while the tagline is new, the focus has only solidified. “This is really why we were created. Not to be another ‘me-too’ company, but to bring value to integrators with technologies that revolutionize power management.”

LifeSafety Power consists of a team of seasoned industry professionals who leverage years of innovation, engineering and industry experience.

Larry Ye, founder, president and CEO, has extensive background in power electronics and high-volume manufacturing operations. He has been instrumental in founding successful start-up companies focused on power electronics design, custom power supply manufacturing and custom auto-test systems specializing in power measurement and reporting.

Guang Liu, Ph.D, co-founder and chief technology officer, has more than 30 years’ experience working with North American companies. Liu’s work includes 10 years at Motorola developing HID, CFL and smart start electronic ballasts for the lighting division, and complex motor control systems for Motorola’s Automotive group.

Joe Holland, co-founder and vice president of engineering is the chief architect of LifeSafety Power’s products, including the flagship FlexPower power management system. He has more than 45 years’ engineering, marketing and management experience in the life safety industry. Holland also co-founded AlarmSaf Inc. and served as vice president of engineering where he oversaw all product development and manufacturing.

John Olliver, co-founder and senior vice president of sales and business development, has been selling power solutions to the life safety industry for more than 20 years and has more than 35 years of experience building the sales organizations of high-profile electronics companies. As North America director of sales for power integrations, he organized the U.S. sales and distribution channels to drive company revenue resulting in a successful IPO launch.

LifeSafety Power’s passion for excellence — and fine-focus on industry innovation — characterized its inaugural year. But even with the introduction of FlexPower the company had bigger aspirations. FlexPower was the first product to offer a computer and networking interface, setting the stage for Web reporting capabilities. Shortly after the FlexPower release, the company added PowerCom and DataLink software/firmware, yielding the ability to program and log key power supply features and data.

FlexPower ushered in ongoing advancements targeting networked, monitored power supplies. The results were seven major industry awards in less than six years, including a 2014 Security Industry Association New Product Showcase Award for iSCAN, the industry’s first IP-managed smart power solution for access control, security and CCTV.

In 2011, LifeSafety Power introduced NetLink, which allows integrators to gain real-time or scheduled status reporting capabilities for installed power solutions.

In 2014 LifeSafety Power released the FlexPower Multi-Site Manager (MSM-200), through which information generated by NetLink modules is collected and displayed on one computer screen from multiple devices. The MSM-200 is a smart, network-based appliance that securely and proactively manages power across any enterprise or multiple customer locations. The Web-based software and hardware solution uses a VPN server to securely interface with multiple NetLink devices and iSCAN, providing real-time health and activity of power systems on the network.

LifeSafety Power continues to forge strategic partnerships with many of the security industry’s leading companies and was recently named a Premier Vendor for PSA Security Network, Westminster, Colo.

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