Hikvision, a global supplier of video solutions, has acquired Pyronix, the UK-based intrusion alarm security firm.
Founded in 1986, Pyronix is a global provider of intruder alarms, producing products ranging from PIRs, security control panels and smartphone applications. The company is based in Rotherham, UK.
Hikvision plans to apply Pyronix expertise and know-how in intrusion detection systems to its leading position in the video surveillance market, the company reported in a press release. The result, said Sebastian Herrera, managing director of Pyronix, will mark the future of security systems: “Hikvision and Pyronix’ combined know-how will bring new advancements and innovative products to the market, converging two security technologies in video surveillance and intrusion detection.” 
Julie Kenny, founder of Pyronix, said, “This acquisition represents a huge opportunity for Pyronix, Rotherham, and the region. The foreign direct investment that this will bring to the UK will be huge. Hikvision has big plans for the growth of Pyronix and the continued development globally. In the last 15 years Hikvision has demonstrated what can be achieved in the video surveillance market. With this guidance, Pyronix can achieve great things in the global marketplace.” 
Jiang Feng Zhi, recently appointed chairman of Pyronix, said, “These are exciting times for Pyronix and Hikvision as the two companies work together. Hikvision has plans for significant investment in the UK and particularly in its UK-based manufacturing, with plans to dramatically expand operations. We are delighted to welcome Pyronix to Hikvision group, and we look forward to growing the business through introduction of intruder alarm products to the global market.”