RGB Spectrum, a leading designer and manufacturer of video and decision support solutions for industrial, medical, government, and military applications, kicked off its 2016 road show in Mexico City on March 17.  The exclusive event included meetings with the company’s chief executive officer, Bob Marcus, and other key executives. Demonstrations of RGB Spectrum’s control room and video processing solutions were conducted by Carlos Otero, director of sales for Latin America.

“Our road show provides an opportunity for customers to fully experience RGB Spectrum’s products first hand,” said Bob Marcus, CEO. “People don’t realize the visual impact that MediaWall V delivers, or the simplicity of MCMS Express — and how easy it is to use — until they’ve tried it for themselves.”

The next stop will be Moscow on November 10 and 11. RGB Spectrum will be demonstrating its newest products, MCMS Express, MediaWall V and QuadView UHD.

MCMS Express is a cost-effective solution for smaller control rooms of up to three operators, allowing shared keyboard/mouse control of up to 18 sources. It is ideal for use in mission-critical control room applications such as command centers, debriefing centers, security operations centers, emergency operations centers, industrial/process control and SCADA system monitoring.

The MediaWall V display processor offers up to 4K UHD resolution I/O, single wire connectivity and fully scalable windows. These capabilities enable the display of more data and visuals, improving situational awareness, assessment and response. MediaWall V features an architecture that combines the real-time processing and reliability of a hardware-based processor with the flexibility of a separate, dedicated processor to run applications and decode IP streams. Its multiple wall option allows up to three walls to be independently controlled from a single display processor, resulting in substantial cost savings. 

The versatile QuadView UHD multiviewer allows users to fully capitalize on the benefits of 4K UHD’s superb video quality. The high-performance multiviewer, presentation switcher, and scaler are designed for displaying up to four sources simultaneously on a single screen. Up to 16 layouts are provided — including quad split, full screen, triple windows, and side-by-side mode. Both HD and UHD inputs can be displayed without downscaling, taking full advantage of the QuadView UHD’s remarkable resolution.

Visit www.rgb.com for more information.