Monitor Dynamics and Carillon Information Security announced the availability of a fully FIPS-201 compliant PACS solution, using SCVP for PIV, CAC, PIV-I and CIV credential validation. Combining the Monitor Dynamics’s SAFEnet PACS Solution and Carillon’s Pathfinder SCVP and Web Credential registration tool, the solution provides a simple, inexpensive way for U.S. Federal agencies to enable their PACS to be capable of validating any PKI based credentials issued by a trusted source such as those accredited through the U.S. Federal PKI bridge.


Carillon’s Web Registrar allows cardholders to register their card into the PACS via an online Web portal while guaranteeing that the PKI credential on the card is completely valid and trustworthy. Employees and visitors can register into the PACS their FIPS-201 compliant credentials from the comfort of their workstation. Once approved by the deploying agency’s security group, the visitor or employee validated credential can be pushed directly into SAFEnet, and appropriate permissions assigned. Not only does this save time, but audit and compliance objectives become easier to meet due to the use of the actual user’s credential, instead of having to tie visitor records back to the original visit request.


Validation of the PKI credentials is provided using Carillon’s Pathfinder SCVP Solution, both at time of registration, as well as continuously for the duration of the credential record in the SAFEnet PACS. This ensures that credentials revoked by the PKI issuer are also automatically de-activated in the SAFEnet PACS and are no longer granted site access. The Carillon Pathfinder SCVP solution is designed for high performance and is capable of returning an SCVP PKI validation response in less than 100 milliseconds even in the complex environment of the US Federal Bridge.

SCVP (or Server-based Certificate Verification Protocol) is an Internet standard protocol that allows organizations to centralize the validation of PKI credentials. Instead of trusting and configuring individual applications and workstation implementations, SCVP is deployed to provide a central and consistent policy enforcement point for all aspects of PKI credential path discovery and validation. As FIPS-201 credentials derive a large portion of their value from using PKI for identity management, organizations that rely on FIPS-201 credentials will greatly benefit from being able to validate them for access decision.

“When we set out to build Pathfinder SCVP, our goal was to provide an extremely fast, affordable solution that is simple to install and maintain,” said Patrick Patterson, president of Carillon Information Security. “We realized that if a cardholder had to wait more than a second at the door for their credentials to validate, clients would end up with bad morning rush hours leading to a bad user experience.”


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