Arecont Vision Unveiled the SurroundVideo Omni Mini dual-sensor megapixel camera. The SurroundVideo Omni Mini features twin megapixel camera sensors that are individually mounted in the Arecont Vision-designed three-axis gimbals for outstanding adjustability and are each able to look in virtually any direction, including straight down. This new camera is ideal for providing coverage of areas that require high-definition video of two directions simultaneously where a full-sized multi-sensor SurroundVideo camera is not required. Common uses will be for building entrances, exits, and corridors; for indoor or outdoor corners; or placed above two point of sale terminals or ATMs. The stylish, low-profile camera will be available in 2, 4, 6, and 10MP models. It features remote focus for fast installation, and is a true day/night camera that is ideal for applications with variable lighting conditions regardless of time of day.

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