Telguard expanded its portfolio with the first universal LTE communicator for the AT&T network. The new TG-1 Express LTE-A also delivers upload/download capabilities when installed with the GE/Interlogix Concord and Concord Express panels, enabling remote panel management and configuration. The product supports virtually all alarm formats using dial capture for universal panel compatibility. In addition, the TG-1 Express LTE-A falls back to the 3G/4G network in the event that the LTE network is not available, for extended network coverage. The communicator also supports the HomeControl Flex interactive solution, which allows homeowners to remotely arm and disarm their system, and gives them the ability to view cameras. It also allows end users to integrate hundreds of smart home products using the free Internet of Things (IoT) services of IFTTT. Small enough to fit in an installer’s back pocket, the TG-1 Express LTE-A uses the power and backup battery of the security panel.