Tap2Open is a smartphone access service that gives residents and their guests entry into gated communities, office buildings, storage facilities, or anywhere else a telephone entry system would be used. Tap2Open is billed as the first cloud-based smartphone access control solution engineered and built entirely in the U.S. Some of the more popular features of the service include “Entrance Profiles,” which allows individual access controlled by community or site managers to common areas such as gyms, storage units, and pools; and “Automatic Move Out,” which gives rental and leasing communities the ability to automatically move out residents at the end of their lease. Tap2Open even makes entry for residents a cinch and is especially useful for situations where a resident doesn’t have their clicker or barcode, such as when using ride-sharing services or when riding with friends and family. Tap2Open is a perfect fit for office buildings and provides a great way for tenants and building owners to limit the amount of keys given out and the inability to manage who is coming and going after hours.

Tap2Open | www.tap2open.com