Transition Networks announced a new Ethernet Over Coax Extender With PoE+, designed to reduce costs associated with implementing or upgrading video surveillance security networks. Transition Networks’ Ethernet Over Coax Extender With PoE+ provides the ability to quickly and easily upgrade analog surveillance systems to PoE-powered IP cameras without the need to replace the existing wiring infrastructure. The extenders allow signaling from IP cameras to be transmitted over existing coaxial cabling from legacy analog systems, while also providing power to the cameras over that same cable. The extenders are used in pairs, with a local (EOCPSE4020-110) and remote (EOCPD4020-110) device, at opposite ends of the coax cable. The local device supports copper or fiber input and transmits power and data over the coaxial cable to the remote converter. The remote converter then provides power to the end device, such as an IP camera.

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