Digital Watchdog announced the release of its new Blackjack S-RACK advanced network video recorders powered by DW Spectrum IPVMS. The S-RACK provides a 16-port PoE+ complete solution in a rack-mountable 1U case with high-capacity recording options. The recorders are engineered to reduce installation time and complexity, thereby increasing ROI for an HD solution in minutes. The Blackjack S-RACK PoE NVR powered by DW Spectrum IPVMS can record and manage up to 16 2.1MP (1080p) cameras at 30fps with 80Mbps throughput. It is available with up to 24TB of storage. DW Spectrum IPVMS delivers best-in-class features including automatic camera detection, fully customizable layouts, easy drag and drop camera management/recording, E-Mapping, advanced motion masking and sensitivity settings.