The SVR Max15 is designed and built to achieve the highest performance for recording, viewing, and playback. The SVR Max15 offers the performance, reliability and massive storage capabilities mission-critical surveillance applications such as airports, casinos, and hospitals require. The 4U rack-mount platform features 15 tray-less and lockable, hot-swap-capable removable hard drive bays offering up to 120TB (15 x 8TB HDDs) of video storage. Using traditional NVR software, the SVR Max15 can record up to 125MP from connected IP cameras and much more when using recording server or VMS software. All SVR series systems come standard with dual Ethernet, use solid-state technology for the OS and NVR software, and are available with up to five years of warranty. The majority of the systems we design and build start from a bid or application specification rather than from one of our platforms. The experience we’ve gained over 15 years allows us to put a build specification together to meet a bid or application requirements accurately, reliably and keep within budget.

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